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List of posters

  • Angela Adamo
    Young star clusters as powerful tool to constraint the host environment
  • Richard Allison
    The dynamical evolution of structure in young star forming groups
  • Francisco Javier Alonso-Floriano
    An Aladin-based search for proper-motion companions to young stars in the Local Association, Tucana-Horologium, and Beta Pictori
  • Lola Balaguer Núñez
    Studies on the Corona of the open cluster M67
  • Katia Biazzo
    Large-scale Orion populations across the Gould Belt
  • Ronny Blomme
    Finding early-type stars in the Gaia catalogue
  • Jerome Bouvier
    The rotational evolution of solar-type stars in young open clusters
  • Annalisa Calamida
    Multiple stellar populations in Omega Centauri
  • Annalisa Calamida
    Star forming regions in the Milky Way and the LMC observed with the E-ELT
  • Clara Cortijo Ferrero
    Stellar clusters in LIRGs: IC1623 and NGC2623
  • Jos de Bruijne
    Gaia's view of open clusters
  • Carlos González Fernández
    The Red Super Giant complex in the inner Milky Way: a recent bar-driven starbust?
  • Patrick Guillout
    Mining the sky for TW Hya analogs
  • Maryam Habibi
    The extinction map of the Arches starburst cluster in the Galactic center
  • Narae Hwang
    The Nature of Extended Star Clusters in the Dwarf Galaxy NGC 6822
  • David James
    Lithium Depletion and Mass Segregation in the Disk Crossing Cluster Blanco 1
  • Evrim Kiran
    The First Multi - Color Photometry of Three ASCC Clusters
  • Nadejda Kaltcheva
    Galactic Structure Toward the Carina Tangent
  • Alexis Klutsch
    A sparse populations of juvenile stars towards the CO Cepheus void
  • Amparo Marco
    Evidence for triggered star formation in the open cluster Stock 8
  • Maria Monguió
    Connecting the Perseus arm stellar overdensity and the stellar clusters in the anticenter direction
  • Celeste Parisi
    New Old Clusters in the SMC
  • Richard Parker
    The Effect of Dynamical Evolution on Planets in Clusters
  • Dawn Peterson
    The Role of Environment in Star Formation: Young Clusters Forming in Isolation
  • Roberto Raddi
    Distant clusters from Be star identifications
  • Maddalena Reggiani
    An HST study of the age distribution of the Orion Nebula Cluster
  • Carlos Román Zúñiga
    A distributed population in the outskirts of W3 OH
  • Jacob Simones
    Stellar Clusters in M31 from the Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury (PHAT): Comparing Young Cluster Properties using Halpha, UV, and Resolved Stars
  • Rodolfo Smiljanic
    Using open clusters to study mixing in low- and intermediate-mass stars
  • Alfredo Sota Ballano
    The Galactic O-Star Spectroscopic Survey (GOSSS). First results: A new O-Type classification atlas.
  • Hugo Tabernero
    Chemical Tagging of Stellar Kinematic Groups
  • Belén Vicente
    Kinematical determination of the luminosity function in the solar neighborhood
  • J. M. Vílchez
    A detailled 2D spectroscopic study of the central region of NGC5253
  • Clare Worley
    The AMBRE Project: Looking for stellar clusters in FEROS Archived Spectra
  • Miaomiao Zhang
    The proper motions of molecular hydrogen outflows in rho Ophiuchi molecular cloud
  • María Rosa Zapatero Osorio
    Near-infrared linear polarization of cool dwarfs





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