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List of Topics


  1. Gaia Status & Performances (Invited speaker: T. Prusti)
  2. Star Formation & Initial Mass Function
    a. Cluster Formation (Invited speaker: P. Kroupa)
    b. Embedded Clusters (Invited speaker: J. Alves)
    c. Initial Mass Function (Invited speaker: K. Covey)
  3. Dynamical Evolution of Stellar Clusters
    a. Cluster Systems in other Galaxies (Invited speaker: S. Larsen)
    b. Spatial and Kinematic Distributions of Stellar Clusters (Invited speaker: S. Goodwin)
    c. Disruption and Destruction Mechanisms (Invited speaker: N. Bastian)
  4. Stellar Populations in Clusters
    a. Massive Stars (Invited speaker: I. Negueruela)
    b. Low Mass Stars, Brown Dwarfs and Cluster Exoplanets (Invited speaker: D. Barrado-Navascués)
    c. Stellar Structure & Evolution (Invited speaker: F. van Leeuwen)
  5. Star Clusters as Probes of Galactic Structure
    a. The Formation of the Milky Way  (Invited speaker: J. Peñarrubia)
    b. Evolution of the Galactic Disk  (Invited speaker: G. Gilmore)
    c. Structure of the Halo (Invited speaker: A. Sarajedini)
  6. Surveys Pre and Post Gaia
    a. Spectroscopic & Photometric Surveys (Invited speaker: S. Feltzing)
    b. Synergy with Other Space Missions (Invited speaker: P. André)


Open Discussions: "Tertulias"

  1. “Birth, Evolution and Death of Stellar Clusters” (Chairperson: Richard de Grijs)
  2. “Long Term Surveys preparing and following GAIA. What do we need?”  (Chairperson: Sofia Randich)





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